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It is a device for charging android / iphone mobiles.
Everyone happens to keep us our smartphone without batteries this happens all the time in fact, as battery technology has not evolved as fast as that of mobile phones.
Taking a charger all the time alone is not a solution as we often have to leave the phone charging in places where the plug can be away from where we are sitting, giving rise to fears of cell phone robbery, as it is not available during charging time , Theft of our data etc.
Now imagine that at any restaurant pizzeria bar etc. where we usually go to work, spend the free time or meet with our friends to have the opportunity to wake up our handset but now with the condition that we could have close to safe and secure Even we could use it.
It performs these functions well.
With this device powered by a 20.000 mah rechargeable battery that hangs above the desk near which we chose to sit and stretch, there are 4 smartphone / iphone charging hooks to charge our mobiles
So now there will be no need to pick up the cartoon or leave the handset somewhere else to drive, just drinking a coffee and talking to our friends we can benefit from the FREE cell phone charging.
The device enables the charging of 2 mobiles at the same time and in maximum speed. The device can be moved very easily to recharge for a while and restore it back to function.
We also thought we would offer businesses that will embrace this idea and some electric chargers that serve to charge a lot of NoCharger’s at the same time.

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